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Blurry photos are great for your website

My favourite photo technique is where you can make the background blurry. Smart phones can do this through portrait mode via adjustment of the F-stop. It's a scale that turns the background to various levels of blurriness.

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Virtual Tour

We are so proud of our wonderful school, and nothing can match the joy of seeing our children learning onsite at one of our "Prospective Parent" school tours.

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Our New Playground Has Arrived

It's finally here, thanks Parents & Friends. Last Friday, the new playspace at Carrington Park, Knoxfield was officially opened by Mayor Cr Susan Laukens and Dr Tien Kieu, State Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region.

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Launching our New App Updat-ed

We’re very pleased to inform you that our school has implemented a phone app called Updat-ed that will make connecting with you so much more convenient.

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Parent/Teacher Interviews

Bookings for Parent/Teacher interviews are now open.  Meetings will be held on July 20th from 1pm - 7pm.  Students will be dismissed at 12.30 on this day.  Click here to book.

Athletics Carnival

It's on again, next Wednesday September 1, first day of spring. Perfect!We'll meet at the sponsor-ed park at 9:00am. Please pack a lunch and bring a hat too.

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Brain Food

If our diet lacks essential nutrients, it can hurt our ability to concentrate. Eating too much or too little can also interfere with our focus. Students who are not hungry and are hydrated perform better in the classroom, are less disruptive and have higher levels of engagement and concentration. 

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